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Thermometer & Disinfection Channel

| HS660 |

The H660 is a thermometer & disinfection channel equipped with thermometer and dry fog of disinfection solution when entering a populated space. Plz contact Mr. Zheng +886-912-036-980

What is AOI

AOI, automatic optical inspection systems use visual methods to monitor objects like wafer, chip, oring, reticle for a variety of defects such as crack, missing, broken, contamination, paticle and etc. Everred offers a comprehensive and versatile line of AOI inspection systems. Our unique technology, combined with our focus on customer service and satisfaction, makes our automated optical inspection systems the best value available today.

The latest product


The ER930 is an ideal automated optical inspection machine for the providers of outsourced (OSAT) semiconductor packaging, design, and test services.


The SS250 is not only designed for detection of various detects in IC package process like DB/WB, but also provides a 2D inspection solution for stacked ICs.


The OC705 is 4-sided inspection and sorting System for mass production for optical-communication IC industry. It built on a high precision platform.